Repair, Restoration, & Conservation Services

These terms require a bit of definition so that our clients can understand what we intend to do and the techniques we plan to use to perform our services:

  • Repair is a term used to indicate an essential task necessary to bring a component or joint up to a standard making it strong enough to enjoy its original function.  An example would be to repair a chair or table leg.  If the repair is executed properly, the leg will function up to its original design strength.  An improper repair would yield a leg which would be prone is immediate breakage if the leg is stressed.


  • Restoration is a term we use to indicate that an object is restored to its original function using as many of the original techniques and materials as feasible.  Not only would a repair be included in a restoration but the component repaired would contribute substantially to bringing the object back into its original function.  The finish would be applied as it was originally using the appropriate original finishing materials.  Coloring or staining would be matched as closely as possible to make the object look old but well cared for.


  • Conservation is a term most often used to indicate that as little as possible will be done in order to put the object on display as in museum work.  We use to term in our work to indicate that we will try to save as much of the original history of the piece as possible while bringing the object into the category of "old but well-cared for."  This is not identical to the goal sought by museum conservation but it does serve our goal of retaining maximum value for an object while letting our clients enjoy a limited use with this understanding.

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