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It has been about eight years since we introduced our “All Round”(tm) line of folding screens. You, our customers, have told us that you want more options, more detail, and most importantly that you want value over costly woods. We still plan our products based upon the four wood species: maple or equivalent, oak, cherry and walnut for those of you who want a particular species. But now we offer our products finished (unfinished will still be offered to those who feel they want to do the final touches themselves). You will also find Optional Elements and New Features such as PERSONALIZING or CURLI-Q(tm) END FINIALS, a center panel add-on FRU-FRU(tm) YOKE design from the 1880’s, & Gallery Rail end panel designs.

The child size has been expanded to offer a fireplace size. This new size increases the center panel so that the yoke from the adult size can be put on it. The side panels can also incorporate the gallery rail design as offered in the adult size. With this larger center panel, a beautiful design of your own or tapestry can be placed here.

We always planned to add an easel line. And due to the cross implementation of elements from our folding screens, we are able to offer four designs chosen for a range of value to complexity.

Our shelving unit product has been delayed while we developed these new designs and changes. Hopefully, we can restart this project in the coming year

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Updated 1/11/04

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