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One area of expertise we have developed over the years is in repairing/restoring family heirlooms.  These objects typically include items not commonly found in adult furniture or a unique object involving some  sort of woven material.  Our most frequently requested service in this area is wicker repair.  Wicker is either natural woven reed of various sizes or man-made material using various sized twisted paper similar to the material found in handled grocery bags.  Twisted paper is extremely susceptible to damage by water, either incurred outside in the rain or unknowingly by stripping these objects in water bath stripping tanks.  Natural wicker is much less susceptible to water damage although the wooden framework can rot if exposed to moisture over a long period of time.  Baby and doll buggies were constructed using both types of materials and often involve other materials such as a metal frame and/or wheels with rubber tires.  We have been involved in all phases of the restoration of these objects also including antique wheel chairs in this category because of the metal frame, wheels, and cane seats, backs, and leg supports.  The oddest object we include in this area is a portable walnut embalming table from the late 1800's because it had metal folding hardware and cane panels to support the various parts of the body.

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