The Go-To Guy!   David E. Colglazier

Consultant, Engineer, Inventor, & Designer for Unique projects - Old and New Technologies Replication, Repair, Restoration, & Innovation.

40+ years “hands on experience including

Direct/Retail/Internet Sales and Marketing!

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Original Woodworks  7018 43rd St. N. Oakdale, MN 55128

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The   Go-To Guy!         David E. Colglazier

Multi-disciplined skills set includes woodworking, parts repair/replication; carpentry, remodeling & architectural design; plumbing, electrical, hydronic heating; tool, machinery, hardware repair, metal fab, brazing/silver/lead soldering; mold making, lost wax casting; electronic design, & computer repair!

Single item restoration or volume production based in the Mpls/St Paul Area                   (651) 429-2222

Professional Objective:    My occupational objective in 1970 was “a position where interests in electronics, mathematics, logic design, and computers are allowed to grow.”  Even when not employed in a technology field, I have studied extensively and have applied that knowledge and problem solving to my own business endeavors.  With this lifelong passion, it is sometimes hard to call this “work!”

Personal Objective:  Since a child, I have always seen the value in things others consider old, obsolete, or broken.  That insight continues in my interests of repairing furniture, electronics and computers and working on my 1889 house.   When I make a repair, especially to a mechanical failure, I try to look into the problem and find why it failed – if the original design is flawed, it is not enough for me to just make it work again.  I also see value in bringing out the honesty and integrity in people’s lives.  My dad was a teacher, coach, and counselor and I briefly taught junior high school in Ohio during the Vietnam War when our country was very short of teachers.  I consider the time I spent helping those young adults see the “value in learning” as one of the most rewarding times of my life.  Also, I consider my time in college as not only important for what I learned, but important because I learned “how” to learn.  As my dad used to say, “Some people never seem to have the time to do things right the first time, but they somehow find the time to do them over!”  In my designs and repairs, I try to do my best the first time, every time!

Summary of Qualifications

I am self-taught in electronic equipment design and repair working with tubes, transistors, & IC’s with over 12 years experience in IBM compatible laptop & desktop computers and peripherals.  My interest in antique hardware has provided me with the opportunity to learn about investment (lost wax) casting, prototyping, subsequent machining operations, and electroplating.  I also manufacture wooden donuts & arc segments, using jigs I designed,  for my line of folding screens and easels that utilize a unique pivoting hinge not totally dissimilar to the one used on laptop screens.  Another component for the easel is a metal sliding support bracket which I make using a coat hook, brass tubing and lamp parts with milling operations and silver-soldering to make them fit together.  I am also able to do SMT work using a low-tech method I developed and soldering under a magnifier. I founded Excert, Inc., a mail-order computer system integrator and repair center for the Rockwell AIM-65 products.  I was the manager of production assembly using thick-film hybrid circuitry, plastic molding, and encapsulation, IC circuit design and testing for Magic Dot, Inc aiding in sales and R&D.

Employment and Endeavors

Ebay Store Rootskicellar since 2010 selling reproduction hardware, vintage electronics & repair of same. & collectibles

Original Woodworks  - 1983 to present.  This company started out as a cabinet shop with 6 employees and evolved into a full-service furniture repair and refinishing business that had both contract and part time staff.  Since 1989, we have been specializing solely in antique furniture restoration.  We have worked on pieces from the James J. Hill House, the Alexander Ramsey House, the House of Representatives and the MN Supreme Court.  We are on the referral list at the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Upper Midwest Conservation Society.  I developed my own website and maintain a computer network using a 10baseT hub.

Excert, Inc  - 1978 to 1985.  I started this mail-order company specializing in system integration using Rockwell AIM-65 single board computers and accessories from more than 9 suppliers.  Our major customers included 3M, ADM, and numerous universities around the country and the world.  During our peak years with did over $250K with a 20% GP.

Intel Corporation  - Jan. 1979 to Jan. 1981.  Position - Field Sales Engineer and Account Manager for major accounts such as Univac-SCF, 3M, Northern Telecom/Data 100.  The Univac-SCF account including all Sperry/Univac locations and totaled over $15 million annually.

John G. Twist Co.  -  Sept. 1975 to Jan. 1979.  Positions - District Manager supervising 2 employees and Semiconductor and Special Products Area Manager representing many OEM’s including Rockwell and TRW.  We sold Rockwell 9600bps fax modems into the 3M Copier Division at over $1 million annually.

Monolithic Memories  - Sept. 1974 to Sept. 1975.  Position - Regional Sales Manager.

Signetics Corporation  - Oct. 1973 to Sept. 1974.  Position - Field Sales Representative.

Magic Dot, Inc.  -  Mar. 1972 to Oct. 1973.  Position - Technical Unit Manager supervising 3 employees.

CTS Microelectronics  - Feb. 1970 to Mar. 1972.  Position - Sales and Applications Engineer handling every account east of the Mississippi.

Military Service  - Served from 6/70 to 6/76 in the Army Reserve and National Guard; trained as a medic but tested into Medical Equipment Repair, promoted to Unit leader in USAR 5501, and exited as Staff Sgt.

Purdue University, Physics Dept.  -  Oct 1967 to Jan 1970.  Electronic pulse detection and measurement PC board & equipment construction, troubleshooting and repair under Prof. Paul Simms. 

Patents and Publications

·         I was granted two patents while employed at Magic Dot, Inc. for my work in the application of thick film processes and circuit design to touch capacitance switches.

·         I published an article in the Jan/Feb 1996 issue of Fine Woodworking concerning the use of glazes and toners on antique and new furniture finishing.

·        I was on the founding editorial advisory board of Professional Refinishing and the author of three published articles


Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN - 9/65 to 6/68

·         Major: Physics - Honor Studies

·         Minor: Mathematics

Ball State University - Muncie, IN - summer of  ‘67

Purdue University - 6/69 to 1/70

·         Major: Mathematics with teacher certification

·         Minor: Philosophy

·         Graduated in the top quarter of my class with a GPA of 2.99 out of 4.0

·         Awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics on 1/21/70                              email: 

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