Original Woodworks offers complete Restoration and Conservation Services for all types of wooden objects including those inlaid with brass, shells, and other materials.  Veneer repairs using old world hot hide and animal glues are a specialty!  Whenever necessary, component repairs are evaluated for splice/scarf joints or replacement depending upon the degree of restoration and/or conservation desired.  Although this might seem vague, direct consultation with other experts in our field often produces the most effective treatment for the object.  This consultation produces other direct benefits such as choices of techniques, glues, and finishes.  However, the most commonly chosen treatment is the use of the original glue, original wood species, and original finishes except in cases where the object would benefit from stabilization, consolidation, or protection because of damage sustained through its history and evident when examined by professionals.

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Original Woodworks  7018 43rd St. N. Oakdale, MN 55128

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Updated 3/11/18


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