I am putting up a few images that I scanned from parts laid on my scanner. These images can normally be printed out at actual size from the scanned image since that is what a scanner naturally does! You will see some parts that I buy from WSI in sets of four but I will split them up so that this sometimes makes sense for your jobs. They are denoted as F-****/WSI.

The others are parts that I own and have made or are making molds for as the need arises. They are denoted as F-****/OW. I welcome other models to replicate but I must retain one good set of originals for mold maintenance. Note that replicated parts will have a small shrink of around 3% depending upon the metal poured so it is advisable to be willing to shim old cutouts, etc. so these smaller parts still hold in the wooden parts. Also, since the female end is the most commonly broken part due to its fragileness, replacing it only will require that the opening be enlarged somewhat by filing, dremel tool, etc. so as to accomodate the larger older original male part. Ordering a complete male/female set will alleviate this problem but then both parts will be have to be replaced.









updated 1/11/04

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